Swedish Hasbeens Marina Shoe

swedish hasbeens

Swedish what?! Swedish Hasbeens: only the cutest shoes I’ve seen in forever! Here’s what the brand is all about, as noted on their website:

Cheaper and faster. In a world where fashion consumption relies on mass production, cheap labor and conventional trends ideas like sustainability, creativity and quality are sacrificed. Sacrificed for short-term profitability and fear of failure.

Swedish Hasbeens’ shoes will always be sustainable. The materials will be natural. The people who make the shoes will always have good work situations. This makes the shoes good for the people who wear them, the people who make them and for the nature where they came from and will return to. These are the demands that we as modern consumers need to ask ourselves when we buy something. Do we want to make this a better world?

Um…yes! I do want to make this a better world! And if I can do it with stylish, sustainable, handmade shoes, all the better.

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Here’s some deets about these cutie pahtooties:

The mix of leather and limewood is just divine and the rubber sole is great for shock absorption. The platform on the these shoes makes them SO comfortable. I have very high arches, and the pitch on the heel (2.8 inch with a platform) is perfect for my feet. I can shameless say that my feet shouted a resounding no to stilettos in my late twenties, so this is a great option for those who want both height and comfort. Who is with me?!

The leather, admittedly, is a bit stiff, so you’ll have to be a bit dedicated to breaking them in; the stiff leather, however, doesn’t scratch or bite my feet. I might put one of those clear sticky insoles for extra comfort, but overall, these are pretty impressive out of the box! Did I mention the brand is having a summer sale right now?! Go get ’em!

Affiliate link: Swedish Hasbeens Women’s Marina Platform Sandal

Swedish Hasbeens Marina Shoe

Swedish Hasbeens Marina Shoe

Swedish Hasbeens Marina Shoe

Swedish Hasbeens Marina Shoe

Swedish Hasbeens Marina Shoe

Swedish Hasbeens Marina Shoe

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. This post contains affiliate links.

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