Olikalife Birdie in Hand

review: olika hand sanitizer

This little Birdie forgot to fly south for the winter, and I’m so glad he did! I mean look at him — he’s the cutest. Olika generously gave me the opportunity to try their all-natural hand sanitizer, and I’m in love.

As effective as it is cute, Birdie uses only high-quality natural ingredients. The consistency is a thin liquid, and the product can be ejected by gently squeezing Birdie’s head. I need about two pumps to sanitize my hands. There’s even a locking mechanism to ensure the liquid won’t go everywhere while Birdie perches in your bag. Finally, Birdie contains dry wipes which you can moisten to create a fresh wipe on the go! What a little tweetheart, huh?

The sophisticated scent of this hand sanitizer comes from a blend of bergamot, lemon, and spearmint. Other ingredients include glycerin and aloe vera leaf juice. The sanitizing ingredient in this blend is ethyl alcohol. Olika is completely transparent that their denatured ethyl alcohol has a few non-natural additives, but other than that I’m very impressed overall.

Birdie is also completely recyclable, which I love! There’s even a tutorial on the Olika website explaining how to dismantle and recycle this little cutie.

My only feedback to Olika — given that I’m trying to reduce my plastic use — is to produce a plastic-free version of Birdie in plastic-free packaging. If the dry wipes could be biodegradable, that would be amazing too!

And guess what? According to their site, Olika is working on making Birdie refillable. Could you ask for anything more?!

Birdie retails for $8.99 and currently comes in eggshell, charcoal, and robin’s egg blue: OLIKA 2-in-1 Hand Sanitizer, Robin’s Egg, 0.7 Fluid Ounce

FTC: Product was gifted. This post contains affiliate links.


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