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review: ranavat botanics

It’s been a while since I’ve been floored by a brand, and I have to say, Ranavat Botanics might be one of my 2018 favorites! Borne out of a love for sharing ancient family traditions, Ranavat Botanics founder, Michelle Ranavat, does an inspiring job of incorporating traditional Ayurvedic ingredients into her refreshingly modern formulations.

Michelle takes pride in creative effective formulations using the cleanest ingredients, so I know I can trust her products to be healthy for my skin. According to the Ranavat website, “Each treatment is certified by either the USDA or Made Safe, verifying we use all non-GMO ingredients and certified organic where possible. Most our ingredients are actually edible.”

My skin typically responds well to products that have a carefully curated and uncomplicated, but potent, ingredient list. Every product in this line is just that. Read more below!

jasmine tonique

Miron glass bottle of tonique with roses

Performance: I’m very picky about jasmine scents and dislike when they smell synthetic or overpowering. This product is neither — it’s just true to the beauty of the jasmine flower. A deeply hydrating mist that doesn’t leave a residue on your face, I use it both as a toner and to set makeup. If it didn’t make me look nuts, I would just walk around and keep spraying it on me all day, every day!

Scent Profile: The fragrance of this product is intoxicating, sweet with a hint of green. The scent is also very calming. Jasmine has been touted as a natural remedy for stress, anxiety, and fatigue — to name a few of its benefits. The aroma is full-bodied but not overwhelming and sweet, but not cloying. It transports me back to India, and it’s a jasmine lover’s dream.

Packaging: Protective glass bottle with plastic spray top that holds 50 ml of product. The bottles are so beautiful, in fact, that I’m going to keep and repurpose them for use around the house.

Ingredients: Organic Jasmine Officinale

Price: $40.00 USD

Disposal: Recyclable cardboard outer packaging and recyclable glass bottle.

rose tonique

Black glass bottle of Ranavat Botanics Rose Tonique

Performance: While I’m head over heels for the Jasmine Tonique, I also fell in love with the Rose Tonique. Michelle, very sweetly, sent this product along to my Mom, but I couldn’t help but sneak a few spritzes. Rose is super soothing and great for balancing the ph of your skin, and like the Jasmine Tonique, I would use this a toner and for setting makeup. I might just have to buy a bottle so I stop snagging this from my Mom’s vanity.

Scent Profile: Pure, light, and beautiful. It smells unlike any other rose product I’ve tried (and I’ve tried too many to count) — like walking through a rose garden. Michelle mentioned that she went through many, many iterations before settling on this one. I can see why — she took one ingredient, steam distilled organic rose damascena, and managed to put magic in a bottle.

Packaging: Protective glass bottle with plastic spray top that holds 50 ml of product.

Ingredients: Organic Rosa Damascena

Price: $40.00 USD

Disposal: Recyclable cardboard outer packaging and recyclable glass bottle.

kiss of royal tea masque

Flowers and powder beauty mask

Performance: This mask is unlike any I’ve tried before; I’m not one to like a hydrating mask, since I have combo/oily skin, but I’m obsessed with this formulation. I know, what’s there to rave about a mask? The hero ingredient of this mask is Manuka honey, which allows for a uniquely flexible dry down. That’s right, no more painful, dry mask face. I’ve never experienced that before, and I always leave it on a little bit longer than intended because I’m always surprised at its consistent performance. My skin generally prefers products with uncomplicated but potent ingredients, and this mask uses manuka honey powder, Indian ginseng powder, and alma fruit powder to name a few; it’s as effective as it is gentle. Mixed with the Jasmine Tonique, the mask feels extra luxurious.

Scent Profile: Prominent notes of honey and rose, with earthy aromas of clay

Packaging: Protective dark glass container with a plastic screw top

Ingredients: Manuka Honey Powder (Honey and Malodextrin),Kalolinite (Rose Clay), Rhassoul Clay, Rosa Centrifolia (Rose) Petal Powder*, Maranta Arundinacea (Arrowroot) Root Powder* Withania Somnifera (Indian Ginseng) Powder*, Emblica Officinalis (Amla) Fruit Powder*, Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Linn (Hibiscus) Petal Powder*, Rubia Cordifolia (Manjistha) Powder*.

*Certified Organic

Price: $65.00 USD

Disposal: Recyclable cardboard outer packaging and recyclable glass bottle

flawless veil illuminating masque

Ranavat Botanics Flawless Veil facial mask container on black background

Performance: I purchased this masque, hoping it would help with my hyperpigmentation. Incorporating Manuka honey, turmeric, sandalwood, I find that this mask dries more like a traditional clay mask. Again, it’s not ultra drying, but it is less moisturizing than Kiss of Royal Tea. I see the best results when I mix this mask with rose water and a drop of Radiant Rani. Used consistently in rotation with Kiss of Royal Tea, I’m starting to see improvements with my hyperpigmentation and general texture of my skin. If you love sandalwood, you’re going to love the smell of this!

Scent Profile: Herbal, with woody, rich notes of sandalwood

Packaging: Protective dark glass container with a plastic screw top.

Ingredients: Manuka Honey Powder (Honey and Malodextrin), Solum Fullonum (Fuller’s Earth Clay), Benotnite Clay, Curcuma Aromatica (Wild Turmeric) Powder*, Psoralea Corylifolia (Bakuchi) Seed Powder*, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice Root) Powder*, Citrus Sinesis (Orange Peel) Powder*, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Powder*, Maranta Arundinacea (Arroroot) Root Powder*, Crocus Sativus Flower (Saffron).

*Certified Organic

Price: $65.00 USD

Disposal: Recyclable cardboard outer packaging and recyclable glass bottle.

radiant rani illuminating botanical serum

bottle of ranvat botanics radiant rani serum

Performance: In the recent past, I’ve moved away from beauty oils because many can be comedogenic, but I’m impressed with the lightness of this oil serum. I warm up the oil in my palms and press this on my face as the last step of my nightly routine. I only need to use one pump, which is great because this product isn’t cheap! Jam-packed with Ayurvedic ingredients, this serum has really helped with my hyperpigmentation. For an extra luxurious treat, I sometimes mix a pump into the Flawless Veil masque. I’m pleasantly surprised that this sample size has lasted over a month with nightly use, and I’m definitely taking it with me when I travel.

Scent Profile: Soothing herbal scent, with prominent notes of saffron and rose

Packaging: Protective dark glass bottle with plastic pump top

Ingredients: Sesame Oil (Sesamum Indicum)*, Rice Bran Oil (Oryza Sativa), Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides**, Manjishta (Rubia Cordifolia)*, Saffron ( Crocus Sativus, Lodh Tree Bark (Symplocos Racemosa)*, Nutgrass (Cyperus Rotundus)*, Vetiver (Vetiveria Zizanoides)*, Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)*, Bay Leaf (Cinnamomum Tamala)*, Himalayan cherry (Prunus Cerasoides), Lotus seed (Nelumbo Nucifera), Pushkarmool (Inula Racemosa), Turmeric(Curcuma Longa)*, Indian Barberry (Berberis Aristata)*, Cobra Saffron (Mesua Ferrea)*, Flame Of The Forest (Butea Menosperma)*, Priyangu (Callicarpa Macrophylla)*, Banyan (Ficus Bengalensis), Mustard (Brassica Campestris)*, Tocopherol+, Rose Essential Oil (Rosa Damascena).

*Certified Organic, **Vegetable derived, +Derived from non-GMO soy

Price: $90.00 USD

Disposal: Recyclable cardboard outer packaging and recyclable glass bottle.

mighty majesty huile extrordinaire

bottle of ranavat botanics mighty majesty hair and body serum in front of roses

Performance: I don’t have luck with body/hair oil products — it always turns on my skin by the end of the day and leaves an odd smell. However, this product is different! Made with sunflower oil, jasmine oil, and Amla extract, Mighty Majesty is as light as it is moisturizing. This multi-purpose product doesn’t sour on my skin or hair; finally, an oil that works for me! I usually pat this product on when I step out of the shower. I’ve also started using this as a hair treatment, working it into my scalp and ends the night before I’m going to wash my hair. It has helped in restoring moisture to my dry hair and washes out without leaving any oily residue. Sometimes, I warm up a drop — that’s all you need — in my hands and take a whiff when I’m feeling stressed for an extraordinary aromatherapy experience!

Scent Profile: The scent is just intoxicating — jasmine, jasmine, jasmine. The notes of sunflower oil and Amla extract are slight, if at all noticeable. According to Ranavat’s website, “it takes us over 150 lbs of fresh jasmine flowers to make a single ounce of Jasmine essential oil.” If that’s not luxury, I don’t know what is. It reminds me of my grandmother’s exotic flower garden in India.

Packaging: Protective dark glass bottle with plastic pump top that holds 50 ml of product.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Jasmine Oil, and Organic Amla Extract.

Price: $55.00 USD

Disposal: Recyclable cardboard outer packaging and recyclable glass bottle

Needless to say, I’m blown away by Ranavat Botanics. With high-quality ingredients and an ethos I can get behind, I’ll definitely be repurchasing from this brand. In fact, I think this might be my favorite beauty find of 2018! My only con is price. I’m not saying these products and the quality of ingredients aren’t worth it, — they are — but I do think the price might be prohibitive for those looking for more affordable green beauty options.

Also, if a dreamer were to dream, it would be so cool if you are able to send back empty bottles for refills. I’m not sure about cost incurred to the business for something like this, so I am glad that this packaging, from the paper box used to ship to the use of glass bottles, is low-waste anyway.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Ranavat Botanics is committed to giving back and pledges 2% of its proceeds to Ignite Hope, a non-profit organization that contributes to Rescue Foundation in India: a registered, non-profit, grass root NGO involved in rescue, rehabilitation & repatriation of victims of human trafficking in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal — now that’s #beautifullyempowered!

If you are new to this brand, you’ll get 10% off your first order on the Ranavat Botanics site. Ranavat is also available at Credo Beauty. And finally, Beauty Heroes is offering a wonderful limited edition discovery of this brand that includes full sizes of Mighty Majesty and Jasmine Tonique (along with a mini size of Radiant Rani and 2 sachets of masques), for $69.00 USD!

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. Some of these products were won in a giveaway/gifted and some were purchased. This post contains affiliate links.

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