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5 Ways to Use Alteya Organics Rose Water

You know how there are just some products you purchase and repurchase without a second thought? This rose water from Alteya Organics is one of them for me! Rose water has long been a darling of many beauty routines—mine included—and it’s no wonder: rose water has a laundry-list of benefits from helping to balance skin’s PH to being an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory agent.

Made of hand-picked Rose Damascena (Damask Rose) from Alteya’s plantations in the Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria, this pure rose water smells nothing less than divine. Their organic roses are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or any other harmful additives. According to their website, Alteya’s certified organic rose water is “bottled in the heart of the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria,” and is made “using a unique distillation technique, which embodies century-old traditions and modern technology.” Their steam distillation process “preserves the biodynamic energy of the rose plant,” making it therapeutic and food grade.

Calling this multi-tasking product a beauty routine’s magic potion would be an understatement. I purchase the 200 ml size that comes in a beautiful miron glass bottle because I use it in soooo many ways. Here are just a few of the ways I use rose water:

  1. Toner: Rose water helps maintain skin’s PH balance and is fantastic for all skin types. I use this morning and night, knowing that it’s extremely moisturizing and gentle on my sensitive skin. I also concoct my own toners using this as a base; combining this with acv works well on my acne and combining it with a few strands of saffron makes for a super luxe toning experience.
  2. Leave-in conditioner/rinse: Spritzing this in my hair after a shower leaves my hair extra soft and smelling wonderful.
  3. Masks: I LOVE adding this rose water to dry masks; it makes for an extra luxurious masking experience.
  4. Makeup setting spray: A little spritz here, a little spritz there, here a spritz, there a spritz, everywhere a spritz, spritz…needless to say, this works as a superb great makeup setting spray.
  5. Eye mask: I love to soak reusable cotton pads in rose water and place them over my eyes after a long day of staring at the computer at work. It’s a foolproof way of unwinding!

Do you use rose water in your beauty routine? What’s your favorite way to use it?


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