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The Who:

I started my green beauty journey in 2004 and my minimalist journey — partially out of desire, partially out of necessity — in 2014, but I didn’t start blogging about it until 2016. Shame on me, I know!

I’m passionate about green, clean, sustainable living and am excited to share my experiences with you. Visit this post to read more.

The What:

Skin: combination, extremely sensitive, acne prone, hyperpigmentation issues, sensitive to coconut oil in facial products

Hair: thick, wavy, and craving moisture

Soul: working on finding balance

The Where:

Planet Earth

The When:

My frequency of posts tends to be a bit slower than the average blogger; at one point, I found myself purchasing more products than I could use, frowning when they expired, and creating more waste than I’d like to admit.

With that in mind, I now try to stick to the “one in, one out” rule when I make a purchase. Granted, getting to this point wasn’t easy — read this post for more. However, this buying cycle has left me much less overwhelmed, and I create much less waste. That’s not to say I don’t occasionally give in to pretty, shiny things! Here are a few ways I consume less. You may also notice an absence of “empties” posts because unless a product irritates my skin, I try to “empty” every product I purchase.

When I do review a product, I try to make it as detailed and honest as possible. I hope my posts are informative and enjoyable for you.

The Why:

When I first became interested in eco beauty, I noticed there was a severe lack of diversity and representation within the green beauty community. With the rise of the internet and social media, I see significant progress in this arena; I recognize and appreciate the rabble-rousers who have made strides in the conversation around inclusivity. However, I still feel that there is room to grow. This is not a criticism — merely an observation.

My hope is that through this blog, I can not only share my experiences with those who have similar interests, but also help brands recognize there’s an underserved market yearning to be heard, increase awareness of what is missing in the beauty and wellness industries, and help foster positive change.

Oh yeah, and I really love molasses cookies. Just saying. 😝 Protection Status

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